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Charcoal Tablets

Top quality charcoal designed to quickly ignite, and burn even in damp or humid conditions. Use this charcoal tablet with your favorite resin and relax.

Price €2.00

Stone Oil Burner-Combo Square

Take a look at our new Sandstone Oil Burner...
Meticulously carved Sandstone oil lamps look great enough to be a beautiful centrepiece in any room and wonderful for any outdoor environment.

Unique hand carved Sandstone Oil Burners have a great shapes and exceptional colour.

Price €14.90

Selenite Cylinder Candle...

The Selenite Candle Holder combines the healing power of selenite with the clearing energy of white tea light candles to cleanse and purify the energy of your home, office or sacred space. It quickly unblocks any stuck or stagnant energy to promote a healthy flow of positive energy throughout your space.

Price €29.00