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Jasmine Fragrance Oil

Change your home ambience with our line of line of collection suitable for all your needs. Enjoy the comforting feeling of nature indoors. 

Price €2.90

Citrine Tumble Stone

Gemstones are a part of many ancient cultures often considered to be a talisman or symbol of good luck or fortune.There is a theory that gemstones carry vibrational rates.

By placing gemstones within the aura - your aura's vibrations also change. It also makes a pretty stone around the garden and the house for decorations.

Size: 0,9-1cm

Price €2.00

Incense Benzoin Resin

These superb aromatic resins are produced naturally by trees and plants, and may be burned and compounded for incense, ritual, medicine, or perfumery. Enjoy the earthy fragrance

Price €3.50

Sia Aloe Vera Incense Sticks

Fill your home with beautiful fragrance with our choice of Incense Sticks . We offer a variety of incense sticks fragrances suitable for your needs and senses.

Price €2.50

Skyddande Magiskt Ljus

Uppskatta att en enkel flamma kan förändra allt. Den kan få ett kärleksbrev att bli aska, koka mat för att upprätthålla liv eller kasta ett romantiskt flicker för att fånga hjärtat.

Den här energin av förändring är vad du kanaliserar med detta ljus, och på det sättet kan du manifestera de förändringar du önskar få i ditt liv.

Brinntid ca 50 timmar.

Price €25.00

Pina Colada Chill Pills

Chill Pills are a luxurious addition to any bath or foot spa. Available in a variety of fragrances and colors, just drop them in your bath or foot spa. Children love them - drop one or two in the bath for a little fun & fizz. Adults can also Chill with a Bath Pill or three.

Price €3.50